It’s been a long time…

Hello Dawn posting as we get a new site running! It has been many years since our last post on this site and we have been busy with life as I’m sure you have too! Rob, Reagan, and I have all gotten a bit older of course (Reagan is now 11) and our lives have had many curves in our path (as most everyone’s life does). But through it all we have been blessed beyond measure and are thankful for who and where we are  

So I say all of this to get to the point of this post which is to say that I (Dawn) will begin teaching classes again (minus Rob)! I’m going to concentrate on teaching homeschooled kids here in our area before expanding to additional offerings. I still have to secure a good venue here in Mount Dora (we were spoiled with the perfect small venue of the Longwood Ballroom). But my hope going forward is to possibly offer series classes and possibly weekend workshops to the public once again. I’m also going to work on getting our instructional DVDs produced to have those on hand for purchase (you can  purchase any and all of DVDs and receive them electronically soon).

I am SO excited about this next chapter in our lives and I hope and pray that we will once again get to meet amazing sweet people and see old friends through swing dancing once again!