About Flyin’ Footwork

Flyin’ Footwork Productions was founded by local Orlando swing dancers Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury to provide quality swing dance events and lessons to the Central Florida area. Our goal is to keep the spirit of the swing era music and dancing alive. We work to promote the Orlando swing dance scene to the general public and to educate them about this classic and timeless form of music and dancing. Swing is a part of our national history and is a cultural asset to all of us. We believe that swing dance lessons should be affordable and accessible to the general public. We also believe that music is an essential part of the dance. The two go hand in hand. We strive to provide an inspiring mix of music in our DJing and work to support local swing/classic jazz musicians & bands. We hope to share our excitement and enthusiasm of this art form with everyone!

2008 Winner of the Best Dance Studio in Orlando (WESH/CityVoter A-List). 2007 Finalist.

Rob & Dawn were one of the original founders of several of Orlando’s longest running swing dances including UCF Fridays and Saturdays at Whirl & Twirl. While they have since retired from hosting dances, you can still see much of their legacy at these dances today.

Instructors Rob & Dawn

Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury are the most seasoned, experienced, and versatile swing dance instructors in the Central Florida area.

As dancers, their background in both formal and informal dance instruction started over a decade ago when they began dance classes in order to learn how to dance at their wedding. For several years, they were formally trained in a variety of partner dances. From this, a passion for authentic swing era music and dancing emerged. In pursuing more and more knowledge of swing dancing, swing music, and swing style, Rob & Dawn have had the privilege to work with some of the top swing and Lindy Hop instructors in the nation as well as with some of the original dancers of the era. They have spent countless hours on dance floors around the United States perfecting their technique and style.

As a result of their years of training, they find that they most enjoy sharing their swing dance knowledge with others. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are genuine, friendly, and patient in their instruction, taking care to reveal, step-by-step, the critical information a beginner needs to know in order to grasp the movement properly the first time. Rob & Dawn aren’t competitive dancers and, over the years, have focused their energy on developing smart teaching methods as opposed to following the competition circuit. This has produced teaching methods that are solid, informative, helpful, encouraging, and contain the fun and energy that makes swing dancing exciting!

Rob & Dawn’s strength lies in developing new dancers by starting them off with a sound foundation in their movement. They emphasize the importance of understanding connection and good technique, and the beginner learns the essential basics of swing dance. It is not just memorizing different moves. The beginner can confidently expand and grow into a variety of movement once the basics are in place. The student can always be sure that Rob & Dawn are always kind and courteous when correction is necessary. And too, there is always something new to learn with them since they have a variety of dance experience including: Balboa, Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, and Charleston. For the more advanced, and those who enjoy the challenge, they work to push students’ dancing skills to new levels. They work to develop the students individual style and musical expression in their dancing.

On the whole, Rob & Dawn’s genuine love for authentic swing dance comes through in their instruction. They are a finely-tuned, cohesive team that teach all ages either in private lessons or in classes and workshops offered around Orlando and Central Florida. So, get started! Get involved so you don’t miss out on good fun, good friends, and great dancing!!

What we teach

Flyin’ Footwork specializes in teaching authentic swing era dances. Born out of the jazz age, these dances emphasize improv and personal expression as well as the technique and patterns that make them great partner and social dances. Dances we teach include:

  • Swing
  • Lindy Hop
  • Balboa
  • Collegiate Shag
  • Charleston

Do we teach Jitterbug? Yes! The term “jitterbug” is a slang term that can refer to any number of swing variations and/or regional styles. Most of these are spin-offs of Lindy Hop (the original form of swing dancing).